Atropine sulfate monohydrate 2 mg in water for injection 2 ml. Prefilled one-chamber auto-injector for first aid (self- or buddy-aid) in case of nerve agent (G or V) or organophosphorus pesticide intoxication after donning protective mask and prior to the decontamination and delivery of medical care. The autoinjector is a part of regular health equipment of each soldier. Autoinjector delivers all drugs intramuscularly to the back muscles of thigh and is able to penetrate several layers of clothing. Autoinjector is a disposable device, intended for single dose delivery.

Content of the one-chamber autoinjector

One chamber  |  Atropine  |  2 mg in 2 ml

Autoinjector is composed of the body, injecting mechanism and an ampule (bullet) with atropine which contains the injection needle. The autoinjector body is black with a stripe sign for atropine (yellow). Autoinjector has one ring extension for easy recognition in case of application at night. All autoinjector signs are according to STANAG requirements.

Technical data

Autoinjector length: 140 mm
Maximum autoinjector diameter: 24 mm
Bullet length (filled with antidote): 45 mm
Maximum bullet diameter with closure: 20 mm
Autoinjector weight: 70 g
Needle length: 20 mm
Application time: 10 s


1. Remove metal safety pin, place autoinjector against thigh muscle
2. Push safety fuse for antidote application and hold 10 seconds
3. Remove the autoinjector from the muscle

Storage conditions

5–25°C (41–77°F)


3 years


Carton with 50 pcs

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