We are proud to announce that ChemProtect.SK has obtain Cyber essentials certificate of assurance.

We are proud to announce that on March 18 2020 ChemProtect.SK s.r.o. became a shareholder of BB Pharma a.s. ( Therefore ChemProtect.SK s.r.o. also became a partial owner of all daughter companies of BB Pharma a.s. that are taking part in production of ChemProtect autoinjectors.  Related to this is also the newly obtained co-ownership of all certifications, technologies and registrations (GMP,GLP,GDP,…)

Pandemic of COVID 19 poses no danger to our production! Due to the strategic nature of our products we do not have (or ever had) any suppliers from China. In addition, we have more than sufficient supplies of raw substances, parts and other necessary materials to keep regular production for at least one year.