Will you continue production also during the COVID 19 pandemic?

Pandemic of COVID 19 poses no danger to our production! Due to the strategic nature of our products we do not have (or ever had) any suppliers from China. In addition, we have more than sufficient supplies of raw substances, parts and other necessary materials to keep regular production for at least one year.

Who is qualified to buy from ChemProtect?

Our products are made, exclusively, for armed forces (armies) and integrated emergency services. Every customer must provide all necessary permits, such as GDP or permit for dealing with drugs.

What is the price for your products?

The price is dependent on the order volume.

What language are you using on patient leaflets and labels of your products?

Our standard language is English, however we can provide any different language, should it be required.

What certifications are sent with standard delivery?

COC, COA, Batch release, Delivery list, Packing list and invoice.

What are your qualifications?

We have GMP, GLP, GDP and ISO 9001:2015.

Do you sell autoinjectors filled with different compounds other than shown in your catalogue?

We can potentially agree on filling autoinjectors with other compounds as well.

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